About Ayurveda- Ayurveda literally means life science. It deals with the total well being of the creation including Human beings. Ayurveda science is time tested. It gives equal importance to prevention of diseases as well as treatment of sick.

Our modern age proudly display a comfortable and easy lifestyle due to communication, business, travel work etc with the help of various gadgets, machines, equipments and technologies. In spite of these comforts life has become more complex and competitive. We find ourselves more under stress than even before. Several diseases are seen and are increasing due to basic factors like stress, lifestyle disorder, pollution at an early age. Ayurveda has the solution here. By heal the sick, rejuvenate the well and by educate both to maintain a healthy body, mind and sprit through the application of ancient science of Ayurveda in the tune with nature.

About Rudram Ayurveda- it is a doctor centric clinic and our aim is to bring authentic Ayurvedic treatment to the people who need medical care. Our treatment includes internal medication, external therapies, purification of body through panchakarma along with yoga and lifestyle advise.

Rasayana therapy is a special branch of Ayurveda which is anti aging treatment. We practice authentic rasayana treatment to repair cell damage and prevent aging.